Irrigation in Roman Western Europe

Anna Willi, Irrigation in Roman Western Europe, Deutsche Wasserhistorische Gesellschaft 17. Clausthal-Zellerfeld: Schriften der Deutschen Wasserhistorischen Gesellschaft, 2021. 9783869487533. Reviewed by Daniel Plekhov, Brown University, Willi’s Irrigation in Roman Western Europe is a comprehensive study of the archaeological, textual, and epigraphic evidence for irrigation within Western Europe during periods of Roman rule. As an…More

Luwian Hieroglyphic Texts in Late Bronze Age Scribal Tradition

Fred C. Woudhuizen, Luwian Hieroglyphic Texts in Late Bronze Age Scribal Tradition, (Wiesbaden: Harrowitz Verlag, 2021). 9783447115315. Reviewed by Josh Cannon, University of Pittsburgh, This volume is unique and of great value in that it presents the full known corpus of Late Bronze Age (LBA) hieroglyphic Luwian texts (minus those texts that contain less…More

Dynastic Deeds

Alessandro Poggio, Dynastic Deeds: Hunt Scenes in the Funerary Imagery of the Achaemenid Eastern Mediterranean, (Oxford: BAR Publishing, 2020). 9781407356389; 9781407354668. Reviewed by Stephanie Kimmey, Colorado College, Poggio’s book fits in its art historical context by exploring dynastic funerary monuments, while also using a wider range of supporting evidence, such as iconography of other…More