Review Process

  • Choose a book to review

    Refer to our list of Books for Review or choose your own title. Please note that Rhea prioritized titles by emerging rather than established scholars.

  • Submit a review request

    Use the Review Request Form or send an email. Be sure to indicate which book you are interested in reviewing, the reason you are interested in this selection, and your relevant background and experience. If you know the reviewee in a personal capacity, please disclose this so we can determine whether this constitutes a conflict of interest. Someone from our editorial team will respond to your request shortly.

  • Obtain copy of book

    Once you have been selected to review a book, we will arrange to provide you with a copy, which may be physical or digital.

  • Submit review

    We ask that you commit to returning your review no more than four months from the receipt of the book. If you cannot make this deadline, however, please communicate with us so that we can make accommodations.

  • Participate in optional dialogue with author(s)

    As part of our effort to foster collaboration and transparency in scholarly discourse, Rhea offers reviewers the opportunity to participate in a short dialogue with authors. A member of the editorial board will contact the reviewer two months after receipt of the book to see whether the reviewer is interested in this option. If so, Rhea will reach out to the author; reviewers should not contact authors directly. Should the author agree to a dialogue, the reviewer will pose 3-5 questions that arise from their reading of the manuscript. These questions and the ensuing dialogue can address problems, misinterpretations, or salient aspects of the work in question. This feature is designed to ensure that Rhea accurately represents each book’s goals, evidence, and argument. Any profanities or abuse will not be tolerated. The Editorial Board reserves the right to discontinue the dialogue and/or review for any reason.

  • Submit review and questions

    Reviewers should email their completed review and any accompanying questions to be lightly edited for punctuation, grammar, and conformance with our Guidelines. If applicable, the editor will then pass along the questions to the author. The author will have three weeks to submit their responses to the editor. Once received, the author’s answers will be returned to the reviewer, who can (if they wish) add a short response to the dialogue with this enhanced understanding of authorial intent.

  • Publish

    Finally, the book review and the ensuing dialogue will be published online.